Wednesday, November 7, 2018

And then it was winter...

I have to admit - it's later than usual.  That doesn't mean that I'm thrilled about it.  I realized today, on my walk from the parking lot of the hospital to my office, that I really wouldn't miss commuting in to work when I retire.  Yes, I could get used to that 2nd and even 3rd cup of coffee while my hubbie rants at the news.
Little flakes fell out of the sky all day.  There must be a metaphor in that. There's an increasing 'skiff' of the flakie stuff everywhere now and I had to drag the boots out of the closet this morning.  (sigh) Are you tired of my moaning yet?
That's out of my system now.  Thanks for listening.
It does inspire quilting though.  I love spending time in my happy space.
Monday, hubbie came out and sat with me while I worked on a wholecloth quilt.  He picked a logo out of his favorite Jean Jacket (didn't wish to advertise for the company) and asked me if I could digitize a patch for him.  This is what I worked out for him:
He's got a Harley Trike and this will suit him fine.  I'll stitch it up for him tomorrow while I work on the quilt.  (I love multi-tasking) No It's not for sale.  I don't want to step on any corporate toes.
Last weekend I spent time at the Dinosewers Quilting Retreat.  Met some very nice ladies, reconnected with some old friends and met a new Gammill owner.  We compared notes and gave each other some great ideas.  I love networking with my Gammill buddies.
Well, on to bed and dreams of quilting tomorrow.

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