Monday, October 8, 2018

I love this time of the day.

It's the Thanksgiving holiday.

I grew up in the United States.  Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. That's it!  The rest of the week-end is spent watching football, Macy's parades and shopping.  

Here in Canada it takes us 4 days to get through the holiday - Friday it all starts with friends or family members arriving from afar.  Bed to be made up, guest rooms readied.  Quilts shaken out and lovingly placed. Flowers and munchies bought and  - oh - the cooking starts!

Saturday you might need to accommodate kids with obligations at their other families. You might have your meal - or another meal on Sunday.  Monday is supposedly the 'big day' - Thanksgiving 'proper'. 

Today it was just the spouse and me.  He had spent the weekend mourning with family in northern BC.  Flew in to Terrace Friday then out on Sunday and back to me.  He was not expecting a big meal - this year everyone was busy elsewhere.  I spent it alone - but busy quilting.  I was not discontent.  I got lots done. 

Yesterday and today I pulled out all the stops.

I made chicken liver pate' yesterday and a pumpkin cheesecake. 

Today I made radish pickle (korean style - yum), buns, 1/2 a turkey - about 6 pounds worth, stuffing, candied carrots, garlic mashed potato, brussels sprouts with bacon (which I carefully picked out of my own serving - LOL - old habits die hard), and caramel sauce for the cheesecake.  *WHEW*

Brian was overwhelmed! (Who else is coming to help eat all this stuff!!)  I was pleased.  And tired.

So - this is the best time of the holiday.  The dishes are done.  I have just finished the end of my glass of wine.  My feet are up and my bum is down.  Bri is in the chair next to me, tummy full and watching a show about dogs.

Yup.  The best time of the holiday.

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